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Great Wall at Badaling, Juyongguan, Mutianyu, Simatai and Jinshanling
Badaling Great Wall
Badaling, is located at Yanqing County, more than 70 kilometers northwest from the center of Beijing City. It is a mountain pass of the Jundu Mountain.built in 1505 with an elevation of 600 meters, the wall average 7.5 meters high, 4 meters thick, 6.5m wide on the base and 5.8m at the top. Badaling,which means "giving access to every direction", is the best-preserved section of the Great Wall. It has a total length of 3, 741 meters with an average height of 8 meters The highest part is 15 meters. The total area for a tour is 19, 000 square meters. The top of the wall can permit five horses to be ridden abreast. There are arched doors at the inner side of the wall with very little distance between each two doors. The arched doors lead you to the top of the wall by stone stairs.

Badaling Great Wall Badaling Great Wall

The Great Wall is not only the magnum opus of human being but also the soul of China!And the Badaling Great Wall is the eximious representation of The Great Wall.

On the peak of the Badaling, The Great Wall is towering. It goes up to the South peak and north peak from the Guan city, convolves on the ridge of Jundu mountain and Qian mountain,You can not see its beginning and end,It disappears beyond.

Badaling Great Wall:
Ticket Fees: RMB40 (Nov. 01 to Mar. 31); RMB 45 (Apr. 01 to Oct. 31)
Open Hours: 06:40 to 18:30
HikeTime: 2.5 hours
How to go there: Take Bus 919.
Or take a tourist bus:
No. 1 at Front Gate ( Qianmen );
No. 2 at Beijing Railway Station;
No. 3 at East Bridge;
No. 4 at Xizhi Gate or Beijing Zoo;

Juyongguan Great Wall
Juyongguan is very near Badaling, just a little south,in Changping County.The most recently restored part of the Wall, It spans one fo the nine narrow passes crossed by the wall. It lies in the midest of a 20 kilometer long gully; to the north is the important border city of Zhangjiakou: to the south lies Beijing.

Juyongguan Great Wall Juyongguan Great Wall

It had many different names in the past dynasties. However, the name "Juyongguan Pass" was used by more than three dynasties. It was first used in the Qin Dynasty when Emperor Qinshihuang ordered to build the Great Wall. Juyongguan Pass has two passes, one at the south and one at the north. The south one is called "Nan Pass" and the north one is called "Badaling".

Juyongguan Great Wall:
Ticket Fee: RMB 45 Open Hours: 07:30 to 17:30
Hike Time : 2.5 hours
How to go there:
Take tourist Bus Route as below:
Take No. 1 at Front Gate ( Qianmen )
Take No. 2 at Beijing Railway Station
Take No. 3 at East Bridge
Take No. 4 at Beijing Zoo or Xizhimen Gate

Mutianyu Great Wall
Mutianyu Great Wall, sitting in Huairou county, borders Gubeikou on the east and Juyongguan on the west. This is the prime section of the Ming reconstruction of the Great Wall. Since ancient times it has enjoyed a good name “North Gate of Beijing; Xuanwumen of Chagnging” as a strategic point.

Mutianyu Great Wall Mutianyu Great Wall

Mutianyu tourism region of the Great Wall are mostly covered with luxuriant vegetation in the range upon range of mountains. It presents a distinctive seasonally attractive view. In spring, various flowers are all in blossom and compete to demonstrate their beauty; in Summer, one can enjoy the green shade which is full of one"s eyes; in autumn, it is with abundant fruits and forests are all red. Good place for appreciating the red leaves; in winter, the earth is covered by snow, which show the magnificent view of north China. This region is endowed with a fame”Unique Mutianyu section of the Great Wall” among tourists both at home and abroad.

In this scenic spot, there are also natural “Luming animal amusement park”, idyllic”China dream stone city” and challenging “Shibide Slideway” for tourists.

Mutianyu Great Wall:
Ticket Fee: RMB35
Open Hours: 07:30 to 17:30
Hike Time: 2.5 hours
How to go there: Take Bus no 916 or take tourist Bus No. 6 at Xuanwumen Gate

Simatai Great Wall
The Great Wall at Simatai is quiet and natural, virtually unreconstructed. Most people consider Simatai the most beautiful section of the Great Wall. It is beautiful, but its main aesthetic attraction is its state of ruin. This is how the Great Wall really looks 500 years after the Ming constructed it. Simatai is also a paradise for hikers and hill walkers, with its dramatic natural scenery.

Simatai Great Wall Simatai Great Wall

After visiting the Simatai Great Wall, the UNESCO officials were convinced and agreed to list it as one of the World Heritage.
Enthusiasts, who like to study military architecture, find much to interest them along this 20 kilometer barrier as it appears to dance from east to west over the mountain ridges interrupted only by the presence of the Simatai reservoir that divides it in two. Here, those who are keenly interested can study and compare a wide range of watchtowers, blockhouses and platforms representative of the many styles to be found along the Great Wall.

Simatai Great Wall:
Ticket Fee: RMB 35
Open Hours: 08:00 to 17:00
Hike Time: 2 hours
How to go there:
Take bus No.12 from Xuan Wu Gate directly to Simatai.
Take the 970 bus out of Beijing to Miyun and hire a taxi from there.

Jinshanling Great Wall
Jinshanling Great Wall lies in the mountainous area of Luanping County, Hebei Province, and has a total length of 10.5 kilometers.

The Jinshanling Great Wall was first built in the sixth century during the Northern and Southern Dynasties (420-589). Along it are 67 watchtowers, all in different styles, at average intervals of 150 meters.

During the Ming Dynasty, General Qi Jiguang improved the structure of the Jinshanling Great Wall by making it higher and denser and by building double walls at strategic sections. Its gentle gradient makes Jinshanling a vulnerable spot, easy to attack but difficult to defend. At the Jinshanling section of the Great Wall, however, the walls are more solid, and the watchtowers taller, and more concentrated. Viewed from a distance, the Jinshanling Great Wall is like a giant dragon, curving its path over the mountain peaks whose line it follows.

Jinshanling Great Wall Jinshanling Great Wall

Many Great Wall researchers and cultural relics experts, including Luo Zhewen and Zhu Xiyuan, have been coming to Jinshanling since 1980, and consider it to be of strategic importance, great aesthetic value, and to reflect the very essence of the Great Wall.

Photographers know that the best place to take pictures of the Great Wall is not Badaling or Shanghaiguan, but Jinshanling. The Great Wall from Simatai in Beijing to Jinshanling in Hebei is the best preserved stretch, so many overseas visitors choose it. It is said that there are more overseas Great Wall climbers in Jinshanling than Chinese. People also say that anyone who has climbed Jinshanling is not interested in seeing any other part of the Great Wall, as it retains its original Ming Dynasty outlook, and so vividly reflects the full ethos of that epoch.

Members of the Great Wall Green Project Investigation Group have walked the entire length of the Great Wall, and many of them believe Jinshanling to be its most beautiful section. Not having been fully renovated, parts of it are in ruins, so it has a more natural ambience than other stretches of the wall that have been completely rebuilt. Jinshanling is far less crowded than Badaling or the Shanhaiguan Great Wall, thus giving today"s climbers a hint of the isolation that must have been felt by its ancient defenders.

Zhou Wanping is a photographer who lives at the foot of the Jinshanling Great Wall. In the preface to his published photograph album, My Home Town, he says: "At the time I graduated from high school and went home, the Jinshanling Great Wall was being repaired. Although sick, I participated in the renovation process along with other villagers. This experience fully brought home to me the hardship involved in the original construction of the Great Wall. All the bricks, lime and water needed for construction had to be carried to the site on the backs of laborers."

Chinese imperial dynasties appeared, prospered and died out through history. The Great Wall bears witness to their vicissitudes, and demonstrates the Chinese people"s hard working spirit, and the splendid culture and history of the Chinese civilization.

Jinshanling Great Wall:
Entrance Fee: RMB 30
Opening Hours: 08:00 to 16:50
Hiking time: 2 hours
How to go there
Take the 970 bus out of Beijing to Miyun and hire a taxi from there.

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