Beijing Happy Valley

Beijing Happy Valley is a theme park located on the east 4th ring road, in the south east corner of Sifangqiao Bridge, Chaoyang District. It is one of four theme parks in the brand chain; the other three Happy Valley theme parks located in the city of Chengdu, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. I have been Beijing Happy Valley for several times.

Gate of Happy Valley


Beijing Happy Valley covers an area of 56 hectares. It consists of 6 theme zones: Firth Forest, Atlantis, Lost Maya Kingdom, Aegean Harbor, Shangri-La and Ants Kingdom. Beijing’s newest amusement park also offers exhibits, sculptures, performances and an IMAX theatre. There are totally more than one hundred attractions in the park, some of which are very funny and exciting.

Adventure through the Rapids


“Golden Wings in Snowfield” in which riders sit with legs dangling, is a short burst of adrenaline.


“The Crystal Wing” is Asian’s only flying roller coaster and the single most expensive amusement attraction in China.


“Titan Truck’s Apollo Wheel” is the largest Asian Pendulum.


“Twin Tower Heroes” in which riders fall at 72 km/h in a terrifying simulated plunge to earth, is heart-stopping.


“Trojan Horse” is a game where visitors are spun within a large wooden horse.


Ant Kingdom


Golden Dynasty Performance


Little Train around Happy Valley


Full Extent of the Park


Night View of Beijing Happy Valley


The entrance fee of Beijing Happy Valley is 200 Yuan at present. It is a great day out for the young and the young at heart. You can’t miss it when you are in Beijing.


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