Beijing Blue Dreamland

As everyone knows, Provence is famous for its beautiful lavenders. There are also several lavender gardens in Beijing. Beijing Blue Dreamland, also called Landiao Lavender Garden, is one of the most popular scenic spots in Chaoyang district, Beijing, where couples and friends can enjoy the scented air and flowers.

The lavender garden covers an area of about 0.27 kilometers. When flowers are in bloom, thousands of purple flowers wave in the wind, sending forth a waft of their sweet fragrance. It could be the most romantic thing to see an endless purple blanket blooming in front of you.

If you have no chance to get to Provence of France, Beijing Blue Dreamland is a good alternative. The viewing time of the lavender flowers lasts from May to November. However, the purple flowers are at their most beautiful in July and August. By the way, the address of Beijing Blue Dreamland is Louzi Village, Jinzhan County, Chaoyang District of Beijing, and the ticket fee of this lavender garden is 40 Yuan per person.


Sea of Lavender Photo 1


Sea of Lavender Photo 2


Lavender flowers and Sunflowers


Lavender Flower Get Closer


Sunflower Get Closer


A Musical Note in the Middle of Lavender


A White Windmill and Lavender Flowers


A pair of lovers is riding through Lavender land.


A beautiful Arch


Houses in Lavender Garden


Shidu Scenic Area

Beijing Shidu Scenic Area is located within the boundaries of Zhangfang and Beijing Fangshan district. Given the name of “Guilinof the North”, it is 96 kilometers from town and is the nearest natural forest canyon in the capital.


Shidu Scenic Area is just a couple hours outside of Beijing. On the way over, we got to see a lot of small towns and fields of crops. In fact, there are totally 17 Dus in this scenic area, and Shidu (Tenth Du) is the located in the center. It provides extreme jumps such as cliff parachuting, crag climbing, the glide flying wing, the drift, the skin rowing, the surfing vehicle, the sand beach bathing place, the swimming, horse riding and many entertainment projects. We really had a happy weekend in this place.


Shidu Rubber Bridge and Bungee stage


I’m standing outside the farmyard.


sunshine pass through mountain


Pushing the bamboo rafts in the river


How beautiful sight it is!


Karst Rocks


Gate of Gushan Valley


Suspension Bridge in Gushan Valley


Extending mountains




Suspending Rock


Sight of Narrow Sky in Gushan Valley


Roast Hongzun Fish

Beijing World Park

Plan your Beijing tour? The World Park is really a nice place to spend a sunny day with families and friends. Covering an area of 47 Hectares, the World Park is located in the southwestern suburb of Beijing.


Gate of Beijing World Park


The World Park is a large area of gardens displaying miniatures of scenic spots throughout the world, including more than 100 miniature world-famous buildings from 14 countries and regions the world over. The park is divided into five areas, which are named after different contents and regions of the world: Asia, Africa, Europe, America and Latin America. The park itself is a visual display of modern cultures of the world.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa


Eiffel Tower


The Statues of Easter Island


Rialto Bridge


Netherlangish Windmills


Moscow Red Square


London Tower Bridge


Karnak Temple of Greek


Cathedral of Notre Dame


The World Park also has a fountain operated by laser beams, a plant maze and a fairyland in which children and adults alike can enjoy themselves. Regular international parades of folklore are planned to provide the tourist with a chance to view folk customs from different countries.