Shidu Scenic Area

Beijing Shidu Scenic Area is located within the boundaries of Zhangfang and Beijing Fangshan district. Given the name of “Guilinof the North”, it is 96 kilometers from town and is the nearest natural forest canyon in the capital.


Shidu Scenic Area is just a couple hours outside of Beijing. On the way over, we got to see a lot of small towns and fields of crops. In fact, there are totally 17 Dus in this scenic area, and Shidu (Tenth Du) is the located in the center. It provides extreme jumps such as cliff parachuting, crag climbing, the glide flying wing, the drift, the skin rowing, the surfing vehicle, the sand beach bathing place, the swimming, horse riding and many entertainment projects. We really had a happy weekend in this place.


Shidu Rubber Bridge and Bungee stage


I’m standing outside the farmyard.


sunshine pass through mountain


Pushing the bamboo rafts in the river


How beautiful sight it is!


Karst Rocks


Gate of Gushan Valley


Suspension Bridge in Gushan Valley


Extending mountains




Suspending Rock


Sight of Narrow Sky in Gushan Valley


Roast Hongzun Fish

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