Beijing Quanjude Duck Restaurant


Quanjude Restaurant, the largest and famous roast duck restaurant inBeijing, was established in 1864 and opened for business in 1979. Throughout the years, Quanjude roast duck and dishes enjoy a high reputation among domestic and overseas consumers for the peculiar roast technique and outstanding quality.

The roast duck tastes pure and mellow with lotus leaf-shaped cake, scallion slices and sweet sauce jam, leaving a lasting and pleasant aftertaste. Except roast duck, there are also many famous dishes in Quanjude Restaurant, including Mustard Duck Web, Boiled Duck Liver, Crystal Duck Delicacy, Seasoned Duck Gizzard, Hot and Spicy Shredded Duck Wing, Quick Fried Duck Heart, etc.

Quanjude Duck Restaurant of Hepingmen Branch is the largest one in Beijing.


a little cute duck in front of the door


The duck is hung in the oven and roasted by flame burning from fruit-wood. It takes about 45 minutes for the duck to be done.


Hall of Quanjude Restaurant




Dish 1


Dish 2


Dish 3


Dish 4


Dish 5


Dish 6


Dish 7


Dish 8



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