Jiankou Great Wall Pictures

Planning your Great Wall tour? Jiankou Great Wall is totally wild and unrestored. Among all the stretches of the Great Wall around Beijing, Jiankou Great Wall is one of my favorites.

8km Jiankou – Mutianyu Great Wall Hike  From US$ 75

Jiankou Great Wall 1

Jiankou Great Wall 1

Jiankou Great Wall 2

Jiankou Great Wall 2

Jiankou Great Wall 3

Jiankou Great Wall 3

Jiankou Great Wall 3

Jiankou Great Wall 4

Jiankou Great Wall 5

Jiankou Great Wall 5

Jiankou Great Wall 6

Jiankou Great Wall 6

Jiankou Great Wall 5

Jiankou Great Wall 7

Jiankou Great Wall 5

Jiankou Great Wall 8

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Beijing Blue Dreamland

As everyone knows, Provence is famous for its beautiful lavenders. There are also several lavender gardens in Beijing. Beijing Blue Dreamland, also called Landiao Lavender Garden, is one of the most popular scenic spots in Chaoyang district, Beijing, where couples and friends can enjoy the scented air and flowers.

The lavender garden covers an area of about 0.27 kilometers. When flowers are in bloom, thousands of purple flowers wave in the wind, sending forth a waft of their sweet fragrance. It could be the most romantic thing to see an endless purple blanket blooming in front of you.

If you have no chance to get to Provence of France, Beijing Blue Dreamland is a good alternative. The viewing time of the lavender flowers lasts from May to November. However, the purple flowers are at their most beautiful in July and August. By the way, the address of Beijing Blue Dreamland is Louzi Village, Jinzhan County, Chaoyang District of Beijing, and the ticket fee of this lavender garden is 40 Yuan per person.


Sea of Lavender Photo 1


Sea of Lavender Photo 2


Lavender flowers and Sunflowers


Lavender Flower Get Closer


Sunflower Get Closer


A Musical Note in the Middle of Lavender


A White Windmill and Lavender Flowers


A pair of lovers is riding through Lavender land.


A beautiful Arch


Houses in Lavender Garden


Fruit Picking in Beijing Suburbs

People enjoy fruit picking during summer and autumn in Beijing suburbs. Because they can not only taste the fresh fruit, but also enjoy the beautiful view of Beijing suburbs. Beijing’s suburban farms and orchards produce quite a harvest, with everything from strawberries, cherries, apricots, pears, peaches, grapes, apples to persimmon.

You must do a fruit picking in Beijing if you have time. You can experience the pureness, the freshness and the green found in Beijing’s suburbs and take a stroll through the orchards and fields, enjoy the scenery and romantic atmosphere, while picking your favorite fruits by hands.

Fruit picking trips are available in almost all the suburban districts and counties, including Daxing, Shunyi, Pinggu, Huairou, Miyun and Changping. Here are photos of fruits in Beijing suburbs can you pick in the right time.

Strawberries Picking Photo 1


Strawberries Picking Photo 2

 Famous strawberry picking garden:

Tianyi Strawberry Farm

Add: North of Daliushu Island, Xiatangshan, Changping District

Jiajia Strawberry Farm

Add: Dongying Village, Xingshou County, Changping District

Juanzi Strawberry Farm

Add: Xiying Village, Xingshou County, Changping District


Cherries Picking Photo 1


Cherries Picking Photo 2

 Famous cherry picking garden:

Sijiqing Orchard

Add: No. 68, Minzhuang Road, Haidian District

Ming Tombs Orchard

Add: Kang Tomb, Changping District


Apricot Picking Photo 1


Apricot Picking Photo 2

 Famous apricot picking garden:

Golden Sun Apricot Garden

Add: Caiyu County, Changping District


Apples Picking Photo 1


Apples Picking Photo 2

 Famous apple picking garden:

Huangyukou Apple Picking Garden

Add: Huangyukou Village, Jiuxian County, Yanqing District


Peaches Picking Photo 1


Peaches Picking Photo 2

 Famous peach picking garden:

Pinggu Peach Picking Garden

Add: Yindong Village, Liujiadian County, Pinggu District


Grapes Picking Photo 1


Grapes Picking Photo 2

Famous grape picking garden:

Puxiangyuan Grape Orchard

Add: Dabeiguan Village, Zhangjiawan County, Tongzhou District

Caiyu grape picking garden:

Add:Caiyu County, Jing-Jin-Tang Highway, Daxing District


Pears Picking Photo

Famous pear picking garden:

Lvdulin Orchard

Add: Lixinzhuang Village, Shandongzhuang County, Pinggu District


Watermelon Picking Photo

Famous watermelon picking garden:

Panggezhuang Watermelon Garden

Add: Panggezhuang County, Daxing District


Dates Picking Photo

Famous date picking garden:

Guibin Date Picking Garden

Add: Hongjuzhuang Village, Huairou District

Lijiayu Date Picking

Add: Lijiayu Village, Changxindian County, Fengtai District