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EBTS Flight Reservation

Find the Beijing Wuyishan flight that suits you and we will take care of the rest!

Flight Beijing to Wuyishan
Ticket Face Value
(economic Class)
Depart Arrive Flight No. Airlines Plane Type Tax& Fee( ¥)


Xiamen Airlines 738 50

Flight Wuyishan to Beijing
Ticket Face Value
(economic Class)
Depart Arrive Flight No. Airlines Plane Type Tax& Fee( ¥)
¥1350 WUS


Xiamen Airlines 738 50

Booking Information
No. of Passenger:  Under 12 yrs.:
Please input Full Names of Passengers
First Names
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Passport No.
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Flight type
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Flight Reservation Remark:
1. All flight fares above are ticket face Value.
2. The live flight prices offered by our staffers cover the service fee and ticket face price.
3. Flight ticket prices are not ensured until you have purchased the tickets.
4 Fares and flight availability are subject to adjustment without notice until your flight ticket is confirmed.
5. Please purchase your flight tickets well up front to perfect your travel plan.
6. Your flight price could go up any time before you pay for your flight. We advise you that it's better to finish your purchase now.

For credit card payment, please offer the information below:
1) Name of the card holder
2) Type of the credit card
3) Credit card expiration date
4) Fill the authorization form attached and email the scanned copy or fax to us the copy.
Remark: We have set up the way of payment by credit card through the third party (Bank of China). It's safe and convenient since we can't get access to any of your private information. You can rely on us. After your payment is done, you will get our scanned receipt via email. If you feel the credit card fee is too high, you may use wire transfer ( telegraphic transfer ). There is no additional charge from us if your payment is made by T/T(Telegraphic Transfer, Wire transfer).
5)Payment via PayPal
If you don't want to pay us directly by credti car, PayPal is the preferred way to send secure payments on Tour-Beijing Travel Service. You can use Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards, bank accounts, buyer credit or account balances to checkout your payment easy and fast.

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